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Mission Statement
With unified effort and a deep sense of humanism, we are committed to crafting a thriving space for society where all have equal opportunity to develop, inspire and succeed regardless of background.

Our vision is to create a culture where human development and prosperity is second nature and intimately woven into the fabric of society.

Objectives - 

-  To facilitate the development of children through healthcare and education.
-  To prevent youth delinquency and reduce social vices through sports.
-  To engage women and youth in agricultural and other income generating initiatives to enhance their livelihood.

Thematic areas -

- Education PLUS
- Social Enterprise
- Agri Business
- Community Partnership Initiatives. 

About us

We understand that poverty is not just the lack of food and shelter, but also the loss of one’s dignity and identity. We came together to establish a non-governmental organization to help fight poverty by harnessing the enormous potential, energy and creativity of  children, youth and women in Ghana.

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Office Location

Main Office

Kumasi, Ghana
Phone: +233 24 475 7172