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- Information communication technology - ICT for all -  

Is a collaborative program with the World Intellectual Property Organization and the United States Global Partnership the project that’s seeks to build the capacity pupils in rural communities in Ghana with ICT knowledge through the provision of basic infrastructure in ICT. We have created a computer laboratory within an existing community school library in seven schools in the Ashanti and Brong Ahafo regions of Ghana, respectively.

 - National free shoes and educational supplies program -  

This complement  Government’s free school feeding and free uniforms program by providing brand new shoes and other educational supplies such as bags, books, calculators, mathematical set etc, to needy school children in deprived communities nationwide.  We also want to inculcate the spirit of voluntarism and giving back to the society attitude on to the children, therefore we intend to plant each tree to any shoes give out in the community or the school of a recipient child. The program aims to increase school enrolment and encourage children who are out of school to be in school. The project seeks to distribute over one million shoes and educational supplies to needy students in deprived communities in Ghana by 2020.

 - The menstrual pad for dignity initiative -   

This project seeks to curb the high rates of menstrual-related absenteeism among junior and senior high school girls in deprived communities in Ghana. Thus impacting directly on the millennium development goal 3 (Gender equality).   In the long term, the project seeks to set up an innovative social enterprise program that will empower female students of vocational schools   to earn extra income to support their education through the manufacturing of affordable reusable sanitary pads for the project

 - Girls Career Coaching Program

We are working in partnership with private universities in Ghana to set up a  scholarships scheme to offer scholarships to brilliant but needy high school girls who would ordinarily not be able to afford the cost of tertiary education. In this drive, a participating private university offers   a tuition free scholarships each year to one girl whiles the                     Bright Generation Community Foundation raise funds to support their books, accommodation, and other associated costs in attending college. 

Impact – 

- 100,000 school children from deprived communities in Ghana benefited from our educational supplies project each year since 2012.

- More than 500,000 shoes distributed to school children from deprived communities throughout Ghana.

- 127 volunteer teachers trained and placed in 12 deprived communities.

- Dewormed over 2000 school children 

- Distributed over 1,410 computers to schools, communities and institutions since 2013.

- 5 ICT centres established reaching out to over 1000 students at each centre.

- 1500 school girls provided with menstrual pads winning 2500 school days.

About us

We understand that poverty is not just the lack of food and shelter, but also the loss of one’s dignity and identity. We came together to establish a non-governmental organization to help fight poverty by harnessing the enormous potential, energy and creativity of  children, youth and women in Ghana.

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