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- Bamboo Initiatives - 

The Bamboo initiatives creates employment opportunities in rural areas and provide an alternative form of transportation through the production of environmentally friendly bicycles made from the abundant natural resource in the west coast of Africa. This is in line to achieving one of the millennium development goal of enhancing environmental sustainability. Some of the products realised from this initiative are bamboo bicycles, ambulance, and cart. 

Impacts – 
- To provide an alternative means of transport to low income earners in deprived rural areas.
- To promote innovative use of natural resources such as bamboo for a sustainable living.

- The Ghana Bamboo Bikes Initiative have created employment opportunities for 35 people who are representing a household with an average of about 5 with the knock on effect of about 175 people benefiting directly. These beneficiaries manage income effectively and are free from hunger and improved housing with their participating families fed, schooled and house sufficiently resulting in increased standard of living and quality of life. Higher incomes have translated into improvements in community health and education.

- Won 10 international awards  including the UN Habitat/Dubai International Award for Best Practice 2014 and UNFCCC Momentum For Change Light House Activity Award 2013 (Women For Results Category)

- Planted over 25,000 bamboo seedlings which has removed over 37,500 kgs of CO2 to offset carbon emissions


We have commenced pilot projects on the setting up of innovative common facility for the manufacturing and distribution of affordable, high quality reusable sanitary pads which are comfortable, hygienic, and cost-effective enabling girls of school going age in Ghana to fulfill their academic potential by providing the needed protection during menstruation. The project is developed in conjunction with international and local cross-sectoral partners with overlapping mission to promote girl child development and economic empowerment for women.

About us

We understand that poverty is not just the lack of food and shelter, but also the loss of one’s dignity and identity. We came together to establish a non-governmental organization to help fight poverty by harnessing the enormous potential, energy and creativity of  children, youth and women in Ghana.

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