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Under its agribusiness & capacity building framework, Bright Generation has marshaled the technical and financial resources to help address the problem of food security and sustainable agriculture among small-scale rural farmers in Ghana. Through such efforts traditional production and distribution methods have seamlessly being replaced by more closely coordinated and better planned modernized systems thus establishing profitable linkages between farmers, retailers and others in the supply chains. Consequently, our Inclusive participatory model promotes the integration of smallholders into markets, with the underlying principle that there are reciprocated benefits for poor farmers and the business community.

We believe our model ties in with the central issues addressed by FAO's Agribusiness Development Programme, which advises on policies and strategies to improve agribusiness competitiveness, including fostering better coordination and linkages among business partners. Commitment is being made with our collaborating partners to spearhead a novel Agribusiness Incubator Program which will focus on Graduates, Youth and Women Empowerment under an institutionalized system. 

Over 850 smallholder women farmers have been reached in accessing microcredit, technologies and technical assistance for increased productivity. These 850 smallholder women farmers are representing households with an average of about 5 with the knock on effect of about 4850 benefiting directly.

97 % of our farmers have mobile phones. Through cellular phones, the farmers are able to access the status of the weather, access market information and perform mobile money transactions.

850 smallholder farmers provided with crop insurance against pests, diseases, weather risks and other natural disasters such as drought, flooding.

55% of beneficiaries have expanded their farm acreages by doubling their acreages cultivated.

530 out of school youth trained in mushroom, snail and vegetable farming across the country.

18 people with special needs trained in mushroom farming to have gainful and sustainable employment for an improved socio-economic condition to lead a normal life with enhance capacity and dignity following suitable education & need based employable vocational training.

96% of our farmers have a bank account. Access to banking and financial services is a crucial factor for the success of farmers.

83% of our farmers could afford medical insurance for themselves and their families. Without insurance, basic medical care can be prohibitively expensive for most families. Access to medical coverage helps the farmers keep their families’ healthy and continue to work, earn income, and strive towards future goals.

91% never ran out of food or money to buy food. Their increasing food security is helping their children to reach their full potential.

About us

We understand that poverty is not just the lack of food and shelter, but also the loss of one’s dignity and identity. We came together to establish a non-governmental organization to help fight poverty by harnessing the enormous potential, energy and creativity of  children, youth and women in Ghana.

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